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Coordinates are the universal building blocks – Wouter Brokx, IMAGEM

Wouter Brokx, President, Imagem, Benelux.
Wouter Brokx, President, Imagem, Benelux.

Location intelligence is merging with multi-source data and other IT systems to produce concise and streamlined solutions. It is no longer considered to be only used in the geospatial domain, rather it is a used as a building block to solutions. Citizens have become sensors and governments are responsible for the environment. Location is what enables both worlds to connect, sharing not just information but knowledge through communication. With the integration of geospatial and 4IR in governments, decision-making and policy implementation will become much more streamlined and easy to monitor.

Soon, information systems will be required to evolve in knowledge systems, and develop from descriptive in predictive. Although artificial intelligence will play a crucial role, the basis will be formed through collaboration between systems using interfaces. This will allow the software components to communicate seamlessly and systems to develop even further into prescriptive and cognitive to increase efficiency and profitability.

The geospatial industry has to learn to shake off its legacy. The systems in geospatial that embrace changes in the larger IT landscape will have a bright future, becoming part of a much larger ecosystem. Location in time is the only way to being relevant.