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Commercial Vehicle Monitoring Services

Business Development Department
HC Tracking Service Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

CVMS service is a digital communication and tracking service for vehicles which utilize the combination of Global Positioning Satellite (GPS), telecommunication and geo- spatial system technologies for highly accurate location information in near real-time.

The CVMS solution has been constructed using commonly available inexpensive hardware and software to illustrate that applications of this nature are very feasible using existing tools and technologies.

Standard Tracking Information

The CVMS is based on TM Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS)
Under the TMAVL solution, each vehicle will be equipped with a GPS module that receives signal from a series of satellites and calculates its current geographical location, speed and direction. This information is then transmitted via Short Message Service (SMS) of an interval of 5 minutes to allow sufficient data for tracking services. Each message will contain 3 position logs, which translates to a position being captured every 100 seconds.

This information is transmitted to the AVL Control Center and stored for retrieval. Customers would then access the control center’s database through internet for real time tracking and reporting. The data kept in the control center’s database will be accessible online for a period of 3 months, which thereafter would be archived and reproduced upon request.


Save Cost

  • Cut down unauthorized claims
    – Able to monitor whether the vehicle is used for allowed journey or private journeys.
    – Able to detect the exact route of traveling and illegal toll claims.
  • Reduce fuel wastage
    – Able to plan a shorter journey in delivering goods to the customer.
    – By controlling the speed limit of the vehicle, it will indirectly reduce the fuel consumption in whole by comparing the estimated fuel consumption with the actual fuel usage recorded.
    – Minimize maintenance expenses
  • Able to trace the drivers’ attitude of driving such i.e. over speeding or often using the trunk road. Harsh braking and harsh accelerations are detectable and by briefing the consequences of such activities to the drivers, the longevity of tires and the engine components could be increased.
    – Indirectly reduces the count of breakdown for that particular vehicle.
    – Able to monitor whether the
    vehicle is used within the allowed route and journey instead of private journeys.
  • Minimize the phone bills expenses

    Save time

  • Minimize unauthorized route usage
    – We are able to control the driver from following the unauthorized route. Thus, time departure and arrival can be predicted more precisely.
    – Reduce idling time
    – Monitoring and controlling excessive engine idling:
    – Useful information such as the percentage of the vehicle been busy,
    stationery and park, gives the customers estimation on how much they fully utilize their vehicles.
    – By fully utilizing the vehicles,
    customers will find that more can be achieved at the end of each day.

    Fig. 1: Latest and Historical Map Data

    Fig. 2: Fleet Status