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Command, Control & Crisis Operations Network: Design & Development of a Crisis Management System

Mohd Fazidin bin Jabar
Vice Chairman
Center of Virtual Reality & Immersive Technology
Multimedia University
[email protected]

DBKL GISNet System is a depository hybrid/centralised GIS database integrating spatial information from six (6) Pilot Departments. The aim of this project is to ascertain the integration and interoperability of geospatial data within departments and value-add role of ICT Department in GIS for DBKL.The whole system is developed based on a business model designed specifically tailored to a Local Spatial Data Infrastructure, known as Local Geospatial Data Centre (LGDC). For the purpose of integrating geospatial data from multiple departments, a middleware have been use as the intermediate software connecting DBKL’s operating systems and the existing applications. GeoSamba Universal is a sophisticated mapping and geographic analysis system with the power to share location intelligence across business processes and enterprise systems. It is the first web application to offer an off-the-shelf enterprise-wide solution for automating map related business transactions.