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Coastal Geomorphology – A Case of Degradational Coast of Tuticorin – Valinokkam Coastal Stretch, Tamil Nadu, India

A. Muthukrishnan
Research Scholar, Department of Geography,
School of Earth Sciences, Bharathidasan University,
Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India

Population growth rate together with increasing social and economic expectations, indicated the need for reapid increase in the amount and variety of the natural resources. Since sixty per cent of the world population is occupying the coastal land, owing to plesent climate high natural resource potential and easy transportation facilities, these coastal lands have been of fundamental importance to the other civilisation from the ancient times. Major rivers derive sediment which form deltas too in coastal lands. Today these coastlands play a vital role in accomodating the worlds every needs. Hence, the present study is reamedy for the lack and needs for via to the coastal geomorphology of the Tuticorin – Valinokkam coastal stretch, Tamil Nadu, India,has been conceived to invent and demarcate the geomorphological units from the image elements by using IRS-IC (LISS III, 1999). While idenfied coastal landforms were classified into four major classes such as the Aeolian, Fluvial, Fluvio-marine, and coastal landforms in the degradational coast.