Cloud-based Solution for Situational Awareness

Cloud-based Solution for Situational Awareness


Special Operations are mission specific and hence require precise information. Jagwire caters to this mission

What if your entire chain of command could discover exactly what they need, at the specific moment they need it, to make mission critical decisions? The Jagwire solution from Exelis makes the discovery, management and dissemination of geospatial data and video easier than ever. In the enterprise, or in a forward deployed scenario, Jagwire is both a force multiplier and an intelligence aggregator. With a web-enabled, single, unified interface for accessing multiple modalities, INT types and other geospatial intelligence, Jagwire can extend the reach of end users ensuring that everyone who needs access can get it.

For years it has been actively used by defence community including special operations forces, providing on-demand situational awareness when and where they need it. In many cases, special operations forces use Jagwire’s Full Motion Video (FMV) capabilities. Not only can Jagwire provide them with near-real-time live video feeds, but it can also provide on-the-fly transcoding of the video. This allows operators under constrained network environments to modify the video’s profile (that is, resolution, frame rate) providing them with access to the necessary information under mission bandwidth restrictions. In addition, annotation capabilities within Jagwire’s video player allow users to add textual references to the video. These are time-synced to the video’s metadata and enable every user within the enterprise to search for specific portions of the mission by using keyword searches delivering only what is relevant to them. Operational chat rooms during missions can also be time-synced and like manual annotations, make the videos discoverable by what was communicated via chat. From providing live feeds to archived feeds for forensic review, Jagwire adds value to every mission by delivering critical information ensuring mission success.

Jagwire is also capable of delivering high-resolution imagery because its architecture is specifically optimised to deliver high-performance capabilities on low-bandwidth and high-latency networks, including dissemination to handheld devices using a standard called JPEG2000 Interactive Protocol (JPIP) streaming. JPIP streaming provides users with rapid access to imagery; even those in forward deployed and/or austere environments

Jagwire scales in response to mission requirements, from enterprise environments supporting multiple simultaneous missions and a large number of distributed users down to a tactical laptop or even mobile devices. Jagwire’s ground suite offers a deployable solution comprising a ruggedised server which supports up to four different FMV feeds. It is often deployed in a mobile ground station capturing and archiving live feeds from aerial platforms and providing visualisation capabilities ensuring ‘eyes-on-target’ throughout the mission. These systems are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice and adapt to ever-changing mission needs making it a high-value asset for special operation units.

Federated Search and Discovery
Adding more value to the mission, Jagwire has a federated architecture meaning that if two or more Jagwire systems are deployed within the same network, all their repositories can be searched on demand from one single interface. A forward deployed end user tied to a Jagwire ground suite for live video feeds can also have access to high-resolution imagery held in a Jagwire Enterprise system, provided there is network connectivity between both sites. In the same way, Jagwire provides central command with the ‘full picture’ of the mission either via direct feeds into their Jagwire Enterprise system or via federated searches. Jagwire’s federation capabilities extend the reach of the end-user delivering mission critical information when and where it is needed.

Jagwire’s web-enabled user interface provides graphical and text-based fields to sift through large amounts of imagery and video data and deliver just what is needed. It provides a map interface in which users can easily select live feeds over their area of interest. A web browser is the interface for search and dissemination of assets indexed and archived by the system. Thin clients for visualisation of imagery and video player require no installation, simplifying user access. This intuitive user interface and filtering tools shorten the time from collection to action. Additionally, with sophisticated visualisation options, the ability to even further dive down into the data ensures that users get only what they need and nothing more. For forward-deployed special forces operators in austere environments, or those with distressed communications infrastructures, this is a critical capability.

Adapting to customer needs, Jagwire’s upcoming releases deliver on-demand analytics through integration with the ENVI Services Engine. ENVI Services Engine is a cloud-based image exploitation solution that can be deployed on almost any enterprise infrastructure, providing streamlined access to geospatial information from desktops, mobile devices or web applications. Users can also leverage the power of ENVI Services Engine through the Jagwire interface. They can select images for on-demand processing and within minutes JPIP stream the results to their workstation. Some of the processing algorithms available include industry-leading Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), land use, change detection and pan sharpening processes, among others.

Integration with MotionDSP’s Ikena ISR software also provides video processing capabilities for Jagwire users. The Ikena ISR solution is capable of enhancing video, creating advanced imagery products, and doing video analytics on-the-fly on live streaming video. Through Jagwire integration, users can now apply different video processing algorithms to live video feeds.

Adapting to the changing technologies and the defence missions it supports, Exelis developed the next generation Jagwire solution to provide analysts, special operators and decision makers access to multiple imaging modalities from a Web-enabled user interface. The software solution eliminates the need for administering and accessing multiple, disparate systems. Jagwire’s fully integrated capabilities significantly improve situational awareness further reducing the time and complexity of getting critical and time-sensitive data out to the tactical edge and back.

Modular, Intergrated C4I Air and Missile Defence (MIC4AD)
MIC4AD is an advanced unified integrated C4I system that commands and controls operations of air defence, missile defence and air superiority missions — traditionally handled as three different domains. The system provides an end-to-end solution for multi-mission, multi-layer and multi-range air and missile threats.

MIC4AD generates a unified and coherent real-time Air Situation Picture (ASP). The system correlates data from various sensors and platforms (radars, electro-optic, data link systems, etc.), assesses and classifies the threats, and then allocates targets to the optimised weapon launch systems to intercept incoming threats (TAWA – Threat Assessment Weapon). MIC4AD can integrate and optimise interception plan for Rafael’s and non-Rafael’s weapon systems, as well as legacy weapon systems. Its modular architecture enables the customer to employ MIC4AD in addition to customer’s national command and control system as an add-on component or module, or even to replace the existing command and control.

Targets assignment to the various fire units within the network can be fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual, depending on the tactical situation, customer doctrine and requirements.

MIC4AD provides effective command and control and flexible resource management that create optimised solutions to all threats at any level of command — national level, regional level or tactical level as a battalion level.