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Ultra Flexible Asset Management with the City of Maple Valley

The City of Maple Valley, WA has successfully implemented Elements XS together with Geocortex Essentials for a complete City of Maple Valley, WA, Elements XS, Geocortex Essentials, street maintenance, stormwater, parks, GIS asset and work management application across their street maintenance, stormwater, and parks departments.

The City manages citizen requests, work orders, and other maintenance activities using a seamless integration between Elements XS and Geocortex Essentials.  Elements XS goes beyond a basic application extension and offers a full, seamless integration with Geocortex Essentials; meaning Elements XS can utilize the Geocortex Essentials engine 100% of the time for all mapping requirements.   The integration between the applications has given the City of Maple Valley the ability to utilize the full power of the Geocortex Workflow Designer and HTML5 viewer technology to deploy tailored maps and simplify workflow processes for individual users and departments throughout the City.

Feature clustering is used to show where staff labor is taking place throughout the City.


Heat maps are used to show where high concentrations of work are taking place.

The City of Maple Valley has used Elements XS together with Geocortex to manage asset inspections and maintenance activities performed both by internal staff and outside contractors.

Steve Kincade, GISP, GIS Administrator for the City explains:

“Prior to having an asset management system to manage our City’s assets, staff had no way to quantify the amount of work that went in to the creation or maintenance of our facilities or infrastructure. With the advent of the powerful and intuitive Elements XS software, the city now has the capability of tracking actual work done on any asset – both spatial and non-spatial.”

“The implementation of Elements XS for our work order/asset management system has allowed us to not only bring additional value to our taxpayers through improved spatial management of our stormwater facilities, but also give us the means to further achieve compliance with our state-mandated National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) phase 2 permit.”

“Before having a work order/asset management system software, inspections were tracked on cumbersome Excel spreadsheets that were hard to use and extract relevant information from. Using Elements XS, we now are able to schedule, track, and manage the inspections of our stormwater facilities with ease, generate informative reports for our stakeholders, and visualize where each inspection has occurred spatially using Geocortex Essentials.”

One example of the integration includes a streamlined workflow to report citizen requests; office personnel use a custom workflow activity to generate incoming requests – Service Orders are then created and automatically routed to appropriate personnel based on the type of request.

“Elements XS and Geocortex Essentials work seamlessly together, providing robust and intuitive tools to fully customize all of our internal business processes as needed.”

Technicians have live access to GIS and other asset management data to help them complete the job.

Labor distribution is managed using Elements XS to help administration analyze where time is being allocated and better serve the citizens of Maple Valley.  The City uses heat maps and feature clustering to view areas where high volumes of labor are required and where high volumes of work are taking place.

Simple reports and dashboards help illustrate what’s taking place throughout the City.

According to Mr. Kincade:

“Using Geocortex Essentials with Elements XS, we are able to take our work order information to the next level by generating unique mapping visualizations of our data that help our stakeholders make informed, data-driven decisions about potential maintenance, improvements, and new infrastructure.”

“Because Elements XS is so scalable and customizable, we were able to think outside of the proverbial “utility” asset management box and extend its capabilities beyond just our Public Works department to help us manage and maintain our Parks and Recreation department assets as well.”

“Our maintenance staff have really enjoyed the simple, intuitive interface that Elements XS provides – which make viewing daily tasks or managing work orders easy and efficient.”

What’s Next? The City plans to integrate Elements XS with other software used by the City to automate the scheduling of Parks and Recreation resources as well as spend more time working with the Elements XS Analytics and Workflow Designers to streamline operations and generate targeted dashboard reports for administration.

About Maple Valley, WA Maple Valley is located about 30 minutes east of Seattle and Tacoma, equidistant from the water of Puget Sound and the landscapes of the Cascade Mountains. Maple Valley offers an extraordinary location to enjoy all that our region has to offer. The population is estimated to be above 25,000.

About Novotx Located near Salt Lake City, UT, Novotx publishes GIS-centric asset and work management software for governments and utilities. Elements XS3, the flagship product of Novotx, allows integration with any industry-standard GIS platform to provide a simplified, cost-effective approach to GIS-based asset and work management.