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Census Websites

  • www.census.gov/geo/tiger/index.html 
    The U.S. Bureau of the Census distributes Census data and provides useful services through Internet. It covers the complete map of census 2000, which is a representative sample of US Census Bureau. It is the provider of timely, relevant, and quality data about the people and economy of the United States. There is a provision for online mapping, which is a tool for disseminating Census 2000 data and maps. Here one can build a query, create maps and can also view data tables.
  • www.censusindia.net 
    This is the official web site of census of India. It contains the census data of 2001. The data generated by the Census of India 2001 provides benchmark statistics on the people of India. This is a fair representation of the socio-economic and demographic condition of India population which constitutes about one-sixth of the human population on this planet.
  • www.undp.org/popin/demotss/intro2.htm 
    United Nation Development Programme has prepared a report on ‘GIS application in population statistics’. This web site contains two provisional chapters from the report, one on national priorities and one on a demonstration study in Nepal, and the results of the general survey of GIS uses in population statistics. Other chapters in the print publication cover basic conceptual and management issues in using GIS for population statistics and review of five GIS software packages and their applicability to population statistics.
  • www.census.gov/ipc/idbnew.html 
    The International Data Base (IDB) is a computerised source of demographic and socio-economic statistics for 227 countries and areas of the world. The IDB provides quick access to specialised information, with emphasis on demographic measures, for individual countries or selected groups of countries.