Career Counselling

Career Counselling


The career counselling section intends to benefit the career aspirants in the field of GIS and Remote Sensing. Professor Prabhakar Misra, Former Dean, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing will be our career counsellor. He may be contacted at [email protected] 

  • I am 32 years old I am a post graduate in geology (1990) and presently will appear for MBA (HR) which I did just as an additional qualification due to my health problems. I was not able to move out of my town to search for a job due to poor health.

    Presently I am in Dehradun, a very small place with limited opportunities, I would like to pursue my career by doing GIS but seeing my age, qualification etc I am apprehensive whether I should do this or not.

    S. Priya
    [email protected]

    Why not convert your age to a positive asset. With your background in earth science, you should be able to generate ‘data-bases’ on commercial terms for any GIS entity. GIS technology in India needs a lot of digitised work. The major advantage of following an independent line will be that you can earn right from your home.

    Dehradun has very reputed organisations (about 30) who may be needing digitisation. Please contact them. Your venture may need initial investment but it will not be a big one.

  • I am a postgraduate (M.A. from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, 1997) and have specialised in Archaeological Applications of GIS. I am interested in furthering my career in the field of GIS. I would like to know about the career options available for me with my academic background.
    S. R. Palkar
    [email protected] provides information on the various jobs pertaining to GIS and related disciplines under a section ‘Careers’. May I suggest that you add satellite remote sensing to your knowledge as sometimes more jobs are advertised under application of satellite remote sensing.

  • I am a civil engineer and I have 4 years of construction site experience. I want to switch over to GIS field. Tell me some institute who offer GIS course near Delhi.
    Amit Chaudhary
    [email protected]

    May I suggest that you do a course for about 3 months or so which will give you confidence in two areas, namely, GIS and Remote Sensing. Knowledge of these two disciplines will help you in your growth. CSDMS has recently launched a GIS Institute which is running these types of courses. Visit

  • I am a Civil Engineer from REC Nagpur working as GIS Analyst for the last 3 years at Mumbai. I would like to pursue Post Graduate studies in the field of GIS/Remote Sensing. Due to my present assignments I may not able to do a full time course. Can you suggest any part time courses?
    Snehashri Bande
    [email protected]

    IIT, Mumbai has been having CSRE (Centre of Studies in Resources Engineering) for quite some years. CSRE is quite active in the field of GIS and RS.

  • I have done M.Tech. (Applied Geophysics) from the University of Roorkee. which included a full unit course in GIS. I want to study further in this field. Please advise.
    [email protected]

    An in-depth post Graduate course in RS applications in earth science will be quite a natural extension of your previous background in geophysics. In addition, being a specialist in GIS one should be able to contribute to generate the ‘layer’ in your own discipline (geology).

  • Would you please give me some idea about the use of GPS in physical planning?
    [email protected]

    You can surf some sites pertaining to the GPS manufacturing companies, namely, Trimble, Ashtech, Leica, Javad, Osborne and many others. These sites have basic tutorials on many applications including your area of interest (physical planning).

  • I am a B.E. Geoinformatics candidate, doing my further studies in Environmental studies by distance education. I was working as a photogrammetrist for an MNC. I wish to do some more specialised courses in GIS and Remote sensing. Your suggestion in this regard is gratefully expected.
    [email protected]

    Since you have already done B.E in environmental studies, a good vector for adding value to your bio-data will be adding a post graduate Diploma in Environmental studies by use of satellite remote sensing leading to environmental modellng. This can be done by undertaking GIS basic course for 2-3 months at convenient location from your point of view. provides the addresses of a large number of institutions including our GIS Institute. There may not be many jobs in photogrammetry but it pays you well!