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Gaurav Sharma
Sub Editor, GIS Development
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A lot is going on in this world of internet, the big WWW, critics and analysts say we are transitioning from what they call Web 1.0 to Web2.0, where we are no longer split in two categories of data publishers and data users. We’ve now evolved as a Data Community, where all its members are the contributors as well as the users of that data. Along with this transition we have also become a community that is geo-enabled and associates itself with the maps and locations. There are applications to tell you where your friends and family have been or at present are, share their experiences with photos and videos, and even know what is the best thing to do and places to see when you get there…
There is information everywhere and we are punching it down our keyboards through these community sites and blogs. The compilation that follows focuses on the Surveying industry, one of the oldest professions in the world, and highlights its contributions to this ever expanding Data Community. Until next time, Ponder and Evolve.

GeoCarta: A Mapping and Navigation blog
Roger Hart who describes himself as a second generation Texas Land Surveyor, punches down his thoughts with special interest in GPS product reviews, mapping and surveying related topics. This blog has existed for over two years now and gives an insightful opinion on the geospatial industry in general. Don’t forget to read this rather interesting post, “The Self-Taught Scientist Who Surveyed a Capitol” dated Feb 17, 2007.

Palmetto Equipment & Supply Blog
“My business online” seems to be the motto of this company. The bloglists various surveying equipments with their product descriptions, technical specifications, photos and deals that are available on them. The blog though business oriented does provide information and on deeper reading one can notice that it provides product information from different vendors at one place. It is a great blog for comparisons among different equipments in terms of cost and functionality.

Surveying, Mapping and GIS
This blog by David Smith is a thought pot of various geospatial sectors including surveying, mapping, GIS and more…
It revolves around acquisition, maintenance and development of surveying, mapping, and GIS data and applications. Some areas of current interest involve publishing mapping data and services on the web- to include ArcIMS, XML Web Services and interoperability, details Smith.
The recent posts don’t really suggest the surveying nature of the blog but on looking up the surveying tag in the blog shows posts in the sectors varying from illustration of an ancient theodolite to the description of the latestsurveying scan station.

surveying… the oldest profession: accuracy and precision is our objective…
Researcher Karolzams (author name mentioned in the blog) from Malaysia seems to be a man on a mission. “…accuracy and precision is our objective” as a tag line to his blog, it actually holds true when you start reading the posts. The blog is relatively new in terms of its existence but I must say it is full of information that ranges from new techniques to the ancient ones, concerns regarding precision and accuracy in surveying and also a notable section of external links.

Land Surveyor’s Notebook
…articles and links of interest to theprofessional land surveyor.
A retired Land Surveyor from Indiana,USA, Larry Van Osdol shares his experiencesand views on the past, presentand the future of the surveying industry. The blog also hosts in his Surveyor Reference Page, an extensivelist of usefullinks for both student and professional community.

The Map Room
…a weblog about maps
A fact before you read this blog, the author, Jonathan Crowe, is not a map expert nor is involved with the industry in any aspect, except for another fact that he is interested in the subject. The Map Room is a blog that discusses maps in its every form, from creation to publishing, old and new techniques, map collections, map-related resources, and material about maps on the web. It aims to be a fun and informative read for both enthusiasts and professionals. And for those wondering how does surveying come into the picture, well now we can’t have maps without surveying, can we? Don’t forget to check out the surveying section!

Southern Photo
This is a fairly new blog and is once again by a company selling equipments for surveying and other mapping needs. Well there must be something different, as it is being mentioned here, not exactly! Though it does contain few posts that are interesting to read, like, the one on Surveying Swamps and Mouse Ears or on the First Woman Surveyor? Interesting read. And when you click on the Home link it will direct you to their website where all the details of products and equipments(well categorised!) are mentioned in details… and again, all in one place.