Bentley Mobile Apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android Mobile Devices

Bentley Mobile Apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android Mobile Devices


Bentley mobile apps for ipad, iphone & android

When working in the field, it is important that personnel are able to view and analyse the most current infrastructure data. Bentley’s mobile apps bring that information to field crews’ fingertips, whether they leverage that data in construction, maintenance, surveying, inspection, or emergency response processes.

Bentley Map Mobile: First released in July 2013, it enables publishing of Bentley Map models on tablets. It increases information mobility between departments working from the office and in the field. It also empowers non-GIS specialists, such as installation and maintenance, construction and engineering field technicians, and field inspectors, to have continuous access to the up-to-date geospatial information.

While the first release supported Android-based tablets, Bentley is about to release a new version which will have iOS support. A new and improved version of this mobile app will also be released during the first half of 2014, including the ability for field personnel to mark up the infrastructure information in the field.

Navigator Mobile: Released in March 2013, it enables workers in the field to navigate 3D architecture, engineering and construction models using i-models, as well as to view relevant object information to identify and resolve conflicts. In 2014, the app will have mark-up functionality, so that closed-loop mark up workflows from the field are synchronised back to the data source and available for immediate action. Already available for iOS-based devices, it will also offer Android support.

InspecTech Collector Mobile: Introduced in March 2013, it works with Bentley’s InspectTech software-as-a-service offering. The latter helps asset owners streamline the process of planning inspections, collecting and managing inspection data, and complying with government reporting requirements — reducing inspection times by up to 25%. It empowers inspectors of transportation and infrastructure assets — from bridges and culverts to signs, light poles, antenna towers, stormwater networks, and more — to quickly and effectively collect a range of inspection information, including photos and audio, in the field on their iPads.

Field Supervisor: It extends the reach of information securely managed by Bentley’s ProjectWise and eB, as well as data stored in other user repositories, including SharePoint, to construction workers in the field — providing both online and offline access. The app uniquely provides true federated data access, and a software development kit allows users to connect to other data sources such as Documentum, Oracle, SAP, Dropbox, Aconex,, SkyDrive, Google Drive, and FileNet.New and upcoming capabilities include a geospatial interface providing a one-click option to access project information.

Unique features

  • Provides accurate and up-to-date asset information which enables field workers to make better decisions.
  • Increases worker safety by providing information on adjacent utilities that might have an impact on the work they are completing.
  • Increases the return on investment by making this valuable data available to an entirely new group of users.