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Banking on geospatial

A non brokerage firm offering research services in real estate to leading banks, uses geospatial platform as one of the main cruxes in its feasibility studies

Liases Foras Real Estate Rating & Research Pvt. Ltd. is a Mumbai, India-based non brokerage firm, offering research services in the field of real estate to leading banks. Its services include best use analysis, valuation, project monitoring, and rating.

Geospatial platform
Real estate being a specific point on geography, the company embarked on the use of location information and geospatial platforms to enhance its services. Geospatial platform forms one of the main cruxes of the company’s feasibility studies. Starting with the very basics such as geographical coordinates, terrain, altitude; the brokerage firm also incorporates satellite mapping, and competitive projects topography. GIS was found to have capability to integrate complete information base of population, population profile, real estate, land use, development plan etc with strong data base in geo reference platform.

The firm uses the geospatial platform in the following ways:

Topographic & land use: Corporation development plans can be laid on a map that is geo referenced.
Population, demographic and spatial mobility: The data comprises of census circle level population, with approximate socio economic classification, their trends of spatial mobility, etc.
Improvement to infrastructure, existing and proposed: Complete information of existing infrastructure, proposed development as per development plans, special projects and as per Development authority can be laid down on map.
Real estate development: Complete data of real estate development, their pattern, dynamics, demand and supply etc, comprising of residential, retail and commercial, can be laid down on map.

Geopatial platform is a useful tool to represent the data on map through thematic maps and charts. Various utilities like rastering, heat map, distance calculator, coordinate extractor, database management.. etc are important invention in the field of data science. The firm expects further more development in geospatial platform in near future on various fields of science and technology.