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BAE Systems – GXP WebView

GXP WebView by BAE Systems

The entire Intelligence community requires the ability to rapidly add imagery into intelligence reporting and situational awareness products. BAE Systems’ Web-based ELT, GXP WebView provides a solution that can access, annotate, measure and disseminate the full range of GEOINT products.

GXP WebView is a server application with a browser-based interface developed using HTML5 technology. It is a component of GXP Xplorer which empowers all-source analysts to view, annotate, and publish products on their own, without the need for assistance from a geospatial imagery specialist. Supporting the Microsoft Windows platform, it utilises the open, extensible and scalable GXP Xplorer architecture and can be virtualised across multiple machines and administered remotely.

Satellite images today can easily approach file distribution limits. Downloading from a remote location could take hours or fail completely because of network interruptions. The GXP WebView Pixel Server leverages the capabilities of SOCET GXP, sharing the same underlying software components to stream data natively eliminating the need for full-product download or special software to start interacting with the pixels.

SOCET GXP loads data in its native format, which supports nearly 30 imagery formats; commercial formats such as JPEG2000, GeoTiff, NITF satellite imagery, and specialised commercial formats like CosmoSkyMed and SPOT imaging. The GXP legacy in photogrammetry yields an unmatched level of expertise in the implementation and support for rigorous sensor models for both domestic and international platforms.

GXP WebView also offers several methods for navigating and viewing imagery as well as image manipulation once launched from GXP Xplorer. Specific menu panels display based on the type of action to perform such as zoom, and tooltips appear on mouse hover with menu button functions.

Traditionally, these actions are performed in a desktop application with dedicated processing power. However, with the GXP WebView Pixel Server and implementation of modern browser technology, these actions and other exploitation functions are performed directly in a Web browser.

Unique features

  • It displays geospatially referenced imagery in a Web browser instantaneously, allowing for rapid visualisation, analysis, and report generation.
  • It enables users to interact with full-resolution, geospatially referenced imagery within an intuitive and enterprise-accessible interface.
  • Integrated with a catalogue, search, and discovery product such as GXP Xplorer, it provides capabilities to view, annotate, and publish products faster than order-based exploitation workflows.
  • It integrates the technology of photogrammetric software development and supports commercial and national imagery formats.