AVSWAT- a Spatial Decision Support System for Land and water management and...

AVSWAT- a Spatial Decision Support System for Land and water management and its application for watershed management in Bankura district of West Bengal


Debapriya Dutta
NRDMS Division, Department of Science and Technology
Technology Bhavan New Delhi- 110016. India.
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Decision Support Systems (DSS) are defined as computer-based information systems designed to support decision makers interactively in thinking and making decisions about relatively unstructured problems. Spatial Decision Support Systems (SDSS) , which are the integration of DSS and GIS was initiated by Densham and Goodchild ( 1988) are emerging as efficient tools for managing natural resources like land and water. AVSWAT ( Arc View- SWAT) , a user- friendly PC based SDSS tool has been developed at the Black Land Research Center , Temple, Texas, USA integrating Soil and Water Analysis Tool (SWAT) and Arc View GIS version 3.0a software along with Spatial Analyst version 1.1 extension. SWAT is a continuous time river basin or watershed scale model operating on daily time step. In the present study, the tool was applied in digitally delineating watersheds in a block of Bankura district of West Bengal and then it was used for estimating potential water ,silt and crop yield from each of them. This would be helpful in prioritising the watersheds and presenting the results spatially for the district level decision makers.

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