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Transforming business by design

Empowering our customers with innovative software and services which inspire their creativity and bring their ideas to reality

Autodesk Imperatives
Our core values define how we work with our customers, with our partners, and with each other

Customers First
We strive to be a customer-driven, customer-focused organization. To win in today’s competitive market, it is critical that we understand our customers’ viewpoint and expectations, demonstrate unwavering commitment to their needs, and provide the right solutions. We place customers first in all facets of our business. We aspire to earn their loyalty and focus our business on keeping theirs. We are committed to being easy to work with.

Growth and Profitability
Our obligation to shareholders is a consistent and predictable return on investment. Through technical innovation, aggressive growth of our customer base, improved solutions and services and successful venture investment, we expect to drive growth and profitability.

Business and Operational Excellence
We aim for operational excellence. We operate with maximum efficiency, setting clear goals and metrics that measure how we achieve those goals. We are a global business. We think about how our ideas and actions will play around the world. We hold ourselves to a standard of business excellence because our leadership position depends on it. We understand that ethics and fair play are not inconsistent with aggressive, creative, and successful business practices.

Our People
Our competitive advantage is rooted in one thing: our people. We promote a corporate culture that encourages change and experimentation, demands excellence at every level, and is grounded in high ethics. We hire and retain the best. We are committed to diversity. We expect people to take initiative and be accountable for their work. We recognize and reward great performance. We will provide professional development opportunities, and challenge the leader within every employee. The ability to change is requisite and we strive to be a high-performance organisation.

Key Divisions

  • Infrastructure Solutions Divisions

    Mission Statement

    Autodesk ISD software and services are used by mappers, engineers, land planners and other professionals who deliver critical services in the utilities, communications, building, and government industries. With our tools, customers use location-based information to enhance operational efficiency and create new revenue opportunities. We address all phases of workflow, from planning and designing infrastructure, to building and managing physical assets. Ref url south-apac.autodesk.com/infrastructure
  • Building Solutions Divisions

    Mission Statement

    To provide solutions that connect the players, be they architects, engineers, contractors or owners; enhances the process; and lets them create intelligent design data that can be used throughout the building life cycle. Ref url south-apac.autodesk.com/building
  • Manufacturing Solutions Divisions

    Mission Statement
    Our mission in MSD is to provide solutions that help manufacturing customers solve critical business challenges by giving them the tools to innovate, increase productivity, optimize processes, and bring higher quality products to market faster for less cost. Unlike other manufacturing software vendors, we address all phases of the product lifecycle, from product concept and design, to management and retirement with tools that are faster to implement, provide a more rapid return, and represent the best value. Ref url south-apac.autodesk.com/manufacturing

Infrastructure Solutions
Autodesk builds infrastructure design and management software that helps you in every stage of your workflow. From documenting what’s on the earth to creating structures to be part of it, Autodesk® technologies make the most