Astrium GeoInformation Services – WorldDEM™

Astrium GeoInformation Services – WorldDEM™


WorldDEM™ by Astrium GeoInformation Services

The WorldDEM is a global elevation dataset of unprecedented quality, accuracy, and coverage and will be launched this year for the Earth’s entire land surface – pole to pole. The accuracy of the WorldDEM — provided by Astrium Services — will surpass that of any satellite-based global elevation model available today.

The worldwide homogeneous acquisition guarantees a global DEM with no break lines at regional or national borders and no heterogeneities caused by differing measurement procedures or data collection campaigns staggered in time.

The high-resolution radar satellites TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X started the synchronous data acquisition in December 2010 and completed the first coverage of the Earth’s entire landmass within 13 months. Following the first part of the acquisition campaign, the two satellites are continuing with the second coverage, which again requires approximately one year for completion.

More complex terrain areas are covered with a third and fourth acquisition campaign to ensure the quality and accuracy of the final product.

Astrium Services will refine the raw DEM in additional processing steps according to customer requirements, e.g. editing of water surfaces. In case of additional customer requests, individual solutions can be designed by the company, tailored to the respective application.

Best suited for: It is suitable for customers from both private and public industries. Applications are manifold, ranging from improved base data for orthorectification processes and national mapping, through a more targeted preparation of defence and security related missions all the way to improved management of oil and gas fields, aviation and infrastructure applications. Initially three core WorldDEM products will be available:

DSM Basic: The basic Digital Surface Model includes the heights of all natural and man-made objects. It is an ideal elevation foundation for supporting a wide range of geospatial applications and services.

DSM Hydro: This hydro-enforced Digital Surface Model includes water body features derived from radar imagery. It provides a solution for a broad range of applications, like water body identification and flood modelling.

DTM: The Digital Terrain Model represents bare earth elevation with all vegetation and man-made objects removed. It provides detailed terrain information for even the most remote and difficult areas.

Unique features

  • Vertical accuracy of 2m (relative)/10m (absolute).
  • 12m x 12m raster.
  • Global homogeneity.
  • High geometric precision of the sensors make ground control information redundant.