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Association of Geospatial Industries: Unique forum for Indian industry

A remarkable milestone in the history of Indian geospatial industry has been achieved. Several prominent members of the Indian geospatial industry have come together to form the Association of Geospatial Industries in the country. The Association was formally registered with the office of the Registrar General of Societies, Government of India, on August 28, 2009.

It may be recollected that several stakeholders of the Indian geospatial industry have been making efforts since the late 1980s to come together as a united body. However, it is not until now that many senior members of leading companies in the country have been able to join hands to set up this Association. The major objectives of the Association will be to identify and address common concerns and interests of Indian geospatial industry, raise societal awareness about importance and usage of geospatial technologies, ensure conducive policy environment, represent the Indian geospatial industry at international platforms, facilitate interactions and discussions among various stakeholders of the Indian geospatial industry and last but not least, develop and design common minimum standards and ethics to be followed while conducting business.

Through this Association, the Indian geospatial industry will get a unique platform to promote the technology to not only the government, but the user segment too. It will organise events and other activities that will aim at encouraging usage of this technology in India. This body will also act as a sounding board that will assimilate feedback from the users in order to develop more user-friendly technology.

The Association will have an office in New Delhi headed by a Chief Executive Officer to oversee the activities of the Association and will be appointed by the governing body. Membership to the Association will be on paid basis and will be open for companies engaged in geospatial technology related software, hardware, equipments, machineries, information, data acquisition, services, application development and consultancy. It will also be open to qualified independent professionals and students associated with geospatial technology/ industry.

The leading figures from the industry who have come together to form this Association are K K Singh (Rolta India), Rajesh Mathur (NIIT GIS), Chandershekhar Nori (Infotech Geospatial), KCM Kumar (Speck Systems), Sanjay Kumar (GIS Development), Ajay Seth (Elcome Technologies), Ashutosh Pande (Sirf Technologies), Kaushik Chakraborty (Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging India), Raghu Ganeshan (Avineon), Rajesh Alla (IIC Technologies), Rajan Aiyer (Trimble Navigation India) and Sajid Malik (Genesys).