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Infographic: Are There Enough Industry-Ready Professionals?

Businesses thrive on innovation, but even the greatest innovation could remain stalled if there is no workforce to take charge, implement and carry it forward. Robots are yet to take over the world and the role of humans in bringing ideas to implementation and putting technology to actual use cannot be stressed enough. People are the backbone of any industry; the more skilled workforce an industry has, the more growth it is equipped to witness.

The Geospatial World reached out to a host of industry leaders from across the world, covering all seven continents. The main aim was to reach out to a mix of companies, in terms of technologies as well as revenues. Out of these, 53 select leaders are featured in our annual edition. From the survey we are focusing on three aspects that show whether the geospatial industry has enough professionals to take on the continuous technological advancements. These are presented below.

GIS industry-academia professionals