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Application of Handy GPS Sets for Precision Data

Mozammel Ali
TA & Int’l Projects Bangladesh
[email protected], [email protected]

HandliHandling of sophisticated DGPS is arduous necessitating use of carrying vehicle, large power units and use of wireless communication. It is very difficult to use in hilly terrains and inaccessible areas where vehicles cannot ply. Application of handy GPS sets in identical approach can greatly solve the problem. The essence of this technique is in synchronization of the time of readings by the two sets (for a real-time correction), in probably the most economic manner. This is the genesis of this paper.

Much like in DGPS approach, two handy sets will be used in this approach too. One is to be the Base Set, at an arbitrary station of known coordinates and the other the Mobile Set, recording readings at desired locations. A correction is then applied to find the accurate location parameters of the spots under study. Once tested and formulation for Correction Factor (CF) is established, more than one mobile set can be used to gather adequate data in a reasonable span of project time in case of real-time field measurements. The same CF will apply, bringing down the cost of maintaining the base station through distribution.