Analysing the Efficiency of Water Supply Network of Rajshahi City through GIS...

Analysing the Efficiency of Water Supply Network of Rajshahi City through GIS Application


ASM Shafiqur Rahman
Programme Officer
WaterAid Bangladesh,
Email: [email protected]

Md. Rahanul Islam
Urban Planner
Local Government Engineering Department
Email: [email protected]

Water supply is one of the major civic amenities that people are entitled to enjoy. In Rajshahi city, a significant portion of citizens are deprived from the municipal water supply due to deplorable supply system. Absence of proper planning and technology is the main constraint for future expansion of the existing system. Geographical Information System (GIS) can be used for effective future planning in this regard with an easier decision-making process. This paper illustrates the efficiency of water supply network of Rajshahi City Corporation by exploring existing ground water level, delineating served and deprived area and identifying suitable location for production pump using the data automation capability of GIS. Three types of GIS applications have been used here namely- TIN analysis, NETWORK analysis and RASTER analysis. TIN analysis showed the lowest depth ground water level is 4.7m. NETWORK analysis revealed 81% are as served zone considering per person water consumption and 44% considering building wise actual water demand. RASTER analysis delineated suitable location for new production pump categorised into three groups, highly suitable (260234 m2), moderately suitable (189530 m2) and less suitable (13822 m2).