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Radiant selects Amazon Web Services to host Open Source Platform

Amazon Web Services to host Open Source Platform of Radiant
Left: Radiant Founder and CEO, Anne Hale Miglarese; Right: Peter Rabley, Venture Partner and Property Rights lead at Omidyar Network. Courtesy: Radiant.Earth

The platform will host high-quality satellite, aerial, and drone imagery, analytical tools and capacity development initiatives for the global development community.

Radiant’s open Earth imagery platform for the global development community will be now hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. Radiant received a grant of free usage in the form of AWS promotional credits to help get started, which will accelerate the development of the platform, establishing Radiant as a global steward of the world’s increasing, yet disparate sources of open geospatial and Earth imagery and data. Coupled with analytical tools and capacity building programs, open imagery and data will be used to create powerful insights and evidence-based support for transformative impact and change.

Earlier on February, 21, it was announced that Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Omidyar Network will be funding Radiant, under a new initiative to more effectively deliver open imagery, tools, and strategies to meet some of the world’s most urgent challenges. Launched at the Thought Leaders’ Summit hosted at the Gates Foundation, Radiant aims to not only identify and deliver open imagery and analytical tools, it plans to build capacity for Earth Observation and data for use by the global development community (GDC) across a variety of sectors.

Amazon Web Services to host Open Source Platform of Radiant
Radiant CTO, Dan Lopez

“Using the AWS Cloud will infuse Radiant’s platform technology offerings with an initial set of best-in-class cloud capabilities. We plan to support infrastructure that works with many cloud providers, and AWS is key to our scale and global reach. The AWS promotional credits will help Radiant begin development of the initial phase of our platform quickly, and we are very excited to work with AWS to bring additional Earth imagery to the cloud,” says Radiant’s Chief Technology Officer, Dan Lopez.

Radiant’s platform supplies comprehensive Earth observation information to decision-makers, empowering efficient service delivery that can solve some of society’s greatest challenges. “We’re excited about providing the world with geospatial data and tools, which will permit users to illuminate the Earth, literally, to allow our global footprints to be ‘seen,’ and to be better understood. By leveraging cloud technology, we will make open Earth imagery more accessible, less expensive, and perhaps more importantly, improve discovery and collaboration in the global development community and among entrepreneurs worldwide,” said Radiant’s Founder and CEO, Anne Hale Miglarese.

The platform’s potential for positive human and global impact is enormous. “We regularly hear from researchers who are held back by the time and expense required to acquire copies of data. Radiant is set to do something remarkable by making large amounts of Earth observation data available on the cloud where anyone can analyze it at any scale without needing to copy it, using whatever tools they want, and even creating new tools of their own,” said AWS’s Global Open Data Lead, Jed Sundwall. “We know there’s a lot of latent research to be done on Earth observation data, and it’s exciting to think about what discoveries Radiant can help unlock.”