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Agriculrure GIS Products

The “Information Revolution” fueled by high speed-low cost computer hardware, user-friendly software, removal of geographic bareer inflow of information due to Internet has changed the landscape of information technology. GIS has percolated down to specific field of application and we have customised application software on GIS for agriculture. Some of the intersting sites from were one can down load information about agriculture GIS products and software are given below:

PCI Geomatics offers a complete suite of software giving a wide area application to Agriculture monitoring using Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis. AGROMA is the software which is designed to assist in analysing agricultural production and managing crop production.

Farmers Software Association (FSA)
FSA promoting to encourage a cooperative research agendas with the farmers, industry and agricultural researchers came out with GIS integrated software FarmHMS and SoilRx. These software are advanced harvest mapping system and advanced multivariate spatial analysis tool, interpreting data from yield monitors for mapping and analysis using MapInfo Professional GIS platform, in order to visualise analyse and manipulate spatially related data.

Advanced Farming Systems Software
Case Corporation has released Advanced Farming Systems Software AFS 2000, that includes Instant Application Map™ and Instant Yield Map™ softwares. Providing introductory and advanced level yield mapping system for producers, imports data from yield monitors and displays yield, moisture and elevation data. Maps are displayed in dot or contour map products.

Chart Write Mapping Softwares
ChartWrite, Sweden introduces level land management and soil mapping software for farm managers. DATA-ON-THE-MAP 3.0 (DM) and AgriMapper 1.1 are user friendly powerful, flexible and cost-efficient GIS mapping software.

AgView an efficient agriculture software from GIS Solutions Inc. US to support precision agriculture. Integration of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Variable Rate Application for yield monitoring giving real time solutions
https://www.agview.net , https://www.gis-solutions.com 

Providing a complete solution in Agribusiness, An integrated software systems in accounting and operations, business management, mapping, scale automation for highly efficient and profitable agribusiness from commodities management to complete farm management.

AgInfo™ Elite
Agronomy Service Bureau of USA has come out with fully featured GIS software for Precision farming – AgInfo™ Elite version 3.0, which is also honored with Simthsonian Award. An entry-level GIS mapping package specifically designed for crop production input suppliers and other farmer advisors.

SST’s Integrated Systems
SST developments Group Inc. US are software developers giving GIS solutions for the precision farming industry. Providing advanced agricultural spatial data management system on ESRI’s ArcView platform for processing, automating tasks and analysing data to provide derived information to support decision making.

Land View Softwares
BCL Land View System Inc. Canada introduced large number Mapping and Record Keeping softwares serving various purposes like crop production, field record, GPS tracking for field scouting and sampling and site-specific precision agriculture decisions. These include WinCrop, Farm View, LandView DSS Pro, LandView Mapper.

Precision Farming System
-9*-*RDS Technology Ltd. UK, introduces RDS precision Farming System an introductory level mapping software for work measurement and control. Creating a number of measured details including: contour and spot (raw) yield measurements.

Farm Works Software
Division of CTN Data Services Inc., Farm Works Software has introduced number of introductory level to advanced level farm mapping and record keeping software like Farm Site and Farm Trac Mate. These software are using real-world coordinates, with multi-user and multi-layer functions for agribusiness and consultants.

SIGA Farm Software
SIGA software, Canada giving introductory level, stand alone software solutions for calculating fertilizer needs and analyzing yield goals. These include SIGAField, Crop Tyme, BookTyme, etc.

Croplands – The System™
Articulating GIS and relational database technologies to deliver an integrated system for various farm related service operations from crop selection and planningd to crop inputs, inventory management and grain contract sourcing. Applications designed on comprehensive client/server solution based on standard available software products from ESRI (ArcInfo and ArcView), Oracle®, MS Access and all the Microsoft Windows platform.