Advertorial: Matrox Graphics Inc.

Advertorial: Matrox Graphics Inc.

Providing innovation in graphics technology for over 27 years, Matrox increases geotechnology professionals’ efficiency and productivity with support for enhanced visualization across multiple displays and on specialty high-resolution panels. This facilitates the use of GIS applications in areas such as planning and management of land use, natural resources, fleet dispatch, transportation, urban facilities, and government.

As technology advances, geotechnology professionals have access to increasingly complex, high-resolution geographic information. Making good use of this invaluable data requires cutting edge displays, and graphics cards capable of powering them to their full potential, in order to ensure maximum detail and accuracy.
Matrox parheliaTM

By putting quality, productivity and innovation at the heart of its R&D initiatives, Matrox has brought to market the most diverse line of graphics options. Designed for the demanding requirements of professionals in areas such as GIS, mapping and cartography, remote sensing, satellite imaging, and photogrammetry, Matrox products are renowned for their pristine image quality, practical ingenuity and stability. With a unique dual certification process, which puts GIS and CAD workstation drivers through stringent testing both internally and by independent software vendors, Matrox guarantees full compatibility with leading GIS and CAD applications. Understanding the importance of increased visualization to improve measure and analysis, Matrox has developed solutions to the cluttered screen: The ability to extend the desktop across multiple displays and support for larger, high-resolution displays.

High-fidelity graphics
Similar to how spreading a map out across a table rather than looking at a folded map corner increases how much you can see and improves your assessment of scale, Matrox graphics cards can bring your digital perspective from one display to two, or even three displays.

Matrox graphics cards can bring your digital perspective from one display to two, or even three displays
The Matrox Parhelia™ Series of graphics cards brings unmatched versatility to geotechnology professionals with Surround Design — hardware accelerated 2D and/or 3D graphics on up to three displays — which greatly reduces the need for zooming and panning, tasks that significantly reduce productivity and ease of use. Other benefits include the ability to view a map in different zoom factors across the expanded desktop, making viewing and analysis much more intuitive and productive, and to drag and drop information from a database into a map with ease.

Working across multiple displays increases productivity, improving time-to-market and contributing to reduced costs.
Geotechnology professionals from all backgrounds benefit from Parhelia Series graphics cards. Oil and gas companies and pipeline management facilities, for instance, use their TripleHead capability for individual monitoring consoles. GIS analysts make use of the extra desktop real estate to put data query views up on one screen, thematic maps on another and communication or collaboration software on a third. These high-performance, stable and reliable products increase the productivity of those working with traditional GIS applications and are especially important for mission-critical environments such as flight dispatch, emergency fleet dispatch, and other command and control systems. Working across multiple displays increases productivity, improving time-to-market and contributing to reduced costs. When it comes to displaying vast and complex geospatial data, no other graphics solution offers the benefit of triple-display for unsurpassed productivity.

From graphics cards that power extremely high resolutions, to those with support for two or three displays, Matrox provides a host of solutions at all budget levels for GIS professionals. Matrox solutions are being used in areas including:

  • Agriculture, Marine, Coast, Oceans
  • Defence and Intelligence
  • Electric and Gas
  • Engineering-Pipeline, Surveying
  • Fire/EMS/Disaster/Homeland Security
  • Health and Human Services
  • Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice
  • Mining and Earth Sciences
  • Natural Resources
  • Real Estate
  • Retail Business
  • Government
  • Telecommunicationsv
  • Water and wastewater

Enhanced visualization for high-resolution specialty displays
The new Matrox Parhelia HR256 is the definitive graphics platform for enhanced visualization of high-res imagery, such as maps and satellite imagery, on high-resolution 9 mega pixel (9 MP) panels at 3840 x 2400, and 200 dots per inch.

The Parhelia HR256 was built from the ground up, to ensure astounding image quality and performance. It is also the only graphics card that features a dual LFH-60 direct connection, with no adaptors, from a single chip, and optimal screen refresh rates. For an extended workspace across additional monitors, or for specialized work environments, this unique PCI graphics card can be used as a stand-alone solution or in combination with other PCI cards or a high-performance AGP card, such as the Parhelia 128 MB, in the same system. It is the ideal companion to the Parhelia Precision SGT or other Matrox stereo-enabled cards for aerial and satellite imagery analysis.
Sensor Systems Remote View

The definitive graphics platform for enhanced visualization of high-res imagery
Satellite greyscale technology
The human visual system is highly adept at discriminating variance in luminance and contrast, which is why high frequency greyscale CRTs are quite popular in aerial and satellite imagery analysis. The Parhelia Precision SGT graphics card supports one greyscale channel and one colour channel, as well as hardware stereo. It can be used as a stand-alone solution for imagery comparison, where the same area is shown on a greyscale monitor and a colour display. This PCI card can also be used in conjunction with other Matrox graphics cards, in the same system, for more demanding multi-monitor set-ups.
Matrox Parhelia family of graphics cards

Matrox Parhelia Series High-Fidelity Graphics
Matrox Parhelia HR256 Enhanced visualization of high-resolution imagery  
Matrox Parhelia Precision SGT Satellite Greyscale Technology

  • Single-chip DualHead® (with dual-DVI output) and TripleHead output
  • AGP or PCI
  • 128 MB to 256 MB DDR SDRAM
  • Optimal support for high-resolution 9.2 MP panels at 3840 x 2400 @ 200dpi
  • Support for colour and greyscale stereo monitors
  • Genlock support
Matrox is renowned for its evolutionary technology,
customer-oriented philosophy and exceptional product quality.
For more information on Matrox products, including their support for features such as stereo and genlocking, please

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