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A road of pleasant surprises

Preeta Pulusani
Preetha Pulusani
Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions
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Leaving aside a general tendency to link personal development with personal rational investment, sometimes we come across individuals that make us wonder, make us learn and above all – oblige us to think. Preetha Pulusani is the perfect example of a person who exceeds the impossible and emerges a winner in her own way.

Born in Bangalore, a South Indian city known as the ‘City of Gardens’, Preetha grew up not much differently than most girls. The pleasant weather of Bangalore, a strong cultural root and devout parents of Andhra Pradesh provided a stable and solid foundation during her childhood.

At the early age of 17, Preetha was married to Surendar Pulusani, who resided in a small Southern city in the United States. Soon followed a shift to the United Sates when Preetha joined Surendar in Huntsville, Alabama. Preetha drew a lovely and immensely honest inspiration from her husband beginning in the early days. With encouragement and support from him to pursue a professional career, she was motivated to attend college. Soon after finishing, she stepped into the cubicles of an engineering company called M&S Computing (the company was renamed “Intergraph” about six months after she began working there) and moved her way into the boardrooms. Equipped with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master’s degree in computer science, Preetha’s career graph worked its way upwards in pleasant strides.

Reflecting on the early days, she recalls her husband’s backing, “He was always very supportive. Anyone that has someone to believe in them will find inner capabilities and translate that into success. My husband’s career was in the academic sector, which helped me as we raised the family. It provided a balance in the home. If both of us had been working in the corporate sector that would have meant a lot more pressure and a lot less time for the family.”

With her roots in India, she cannot help but be a believer of destiny but this does not impact her belief in what is needed to succeed in her profession – old-fashioned hard work. Preetha makes a point of separating her profession from family. Along with managing the approximately two-hundred-million-dollar geospatial business for Intergraph, she finds time to spend serene weekends with friends and family. ‘Almost a perfect balance’ has not only formed her attitude, but also flowed onto her mode of working. This in turn has made an impact on her employees, encouraging them to balance both work and personal life. This philosophy has a positive impact on the organization. Very close to her heart are her three sons, two of whom are pursuing a university education while the third is in high school. Humility and vision – an incurably positive combination that marks her mind and often makes one smile at her life, which could be described as one of pleasant circumstances and accidents. “I joined Intergraph as a programmer in an entry-level position. With no specific goal to do so at the time, I now find myself heading up the geospatial organization after all these years. The diversity of work that I performed, the experience that I gained, and the people that I have worked with have enriched my professional and personal life. While setting goals is important, ultimately the rewards come about due to sheer hard work and taking advantage of opportunities. My management style is simple. Provide leadership, make sure the right people are in the right jobs, and don’t micro-manage. I believe in giving responsibilities for decisions to the appropriate people, asking the right questions at the right time, and focusing on results.”