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A healthy environment for a healthy tomorrow…

The socio-economic development of any country is based on land resources and water resources. Due to increase in population, these resources are over stretched often leading to resource depletion. There is therefore a need to prudently manage these delicate resources, and in this domain geospatial technology would prove to be a strategic tool in the hands of those managing the affairs.

Despite significant and steady improvements over the past decade, future generations in the Middle East might face serious environmental challenges, including availability of per capita water resources and pollution-related health problems.

The important issues that need to be dealt with advance preparation are water and land. Improving natural resources management, building up environmental institutions and increasing public participation are some of the keywords for creation of a healthy environment for the economy to develop further.

Towards this goal there is need to develop and use environmental management tools such as environmental impact assessment, environmental risk management and monitoring systems. In this domain GIS and Remote Sensing have a major role to play as basic tools for creation of such environmental management tools. The basic tools, no doubt, would help in capacity building and human resource development.

The technology would facilitate and encourage public awareness to broaden the basis for enlightened opinions and responsible conduct by individuals, enterprises and communities in protecting and improving the environment.

The decision makers of the region in the domain of environmental management need to think and think again how much and in what ways they can gain from Geospatial technology.

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