A GIS-based Decision Support System for Water Resources Management of Song-Liao River...

A GIS-based Decision Support System for Water Resources Management of Song-Liao River Basin


LIAO Xiao-yu
College of Urban and Environmental Science China
Email: [email protected]

LIU Xiang-nan

Water resources of Song-Liao River Basin have been an important factor which influences economy development of Northeast of China. Scarce resources, poor quality, water logging, unfavorable temporal and spatial distribution characterizes the water resources in this region. The measure solving these problems is integrated management of surface and groundwater resources and optimal management policy (OMP). In this study a GIS-based support-decision system is designed to assist water resources professionals in making economical and efficient decision. This paper describes a framework and a methodology for the design, development, and implementation of a GIS-based decision support system for water resources management. The DSS is based on five components: Geographical Information System (GIS), A database subsystem, Mathematical models, A knowledge base and A graphical user interface. GIS perform data acquisition, management and visualization. The DSS make use of mathematical methods (mainly systems analysis methods, including simulation and optimization techniques) in order to help seek OMP of the water resource system. The models are organized into two main modules. The first one is stochastic simulation and forecasting of hydrologic inputs. The second one is simulation and optimization of the hydrosystem, which allows the detailed study of the hydrosystem under alternative management policies implementing the parameterization-simulation-optimization methodology. The knowledge base can be built by knowledge acquiring from the domain experts and prior research and publications. The inference engine is responsible for the reasoning process. By the end of the DSS development all components of the DSS will be able to use the GIS as a user interface, entering data and representing simulation results with a geographical dimension. The whole system has been developed under the software development environment Delphi, also using Oracle for the relational database system, ArcInfo and ArcView for the GIS. The DSS fulfils the need for a tool that allows water resources managers to explore their water resources and support the new masterplan of the hydrosystem management.