3D GIS based slope stability model

3D GIS based slope stability model


Major Pandey
Chief Engineer, CMP PO

Project Associate, Institute of Remote Sensing, AU

Dr. K. Rajagopal
Professor, Department of Civil Engg,
Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai

Asst. Professor, Institute of Remote Sensing, Anna University

Communication network in hills is vital for the development of those areas and also for strategic reasons. In the past it has been observed that wrong selection of some unstable patches leads to frequent disruption in communication due to landslides, which require lot of resources for the maintenance. Things become severe when strategically important and geographically critical areas get totally isolated due to disruption in the sole road communication even under small rain and snowfall. The live examples are the Ramban location on NH-1A connecting Jammu to Leh, roads in the hills of UP and NE.

Lot of studies have been carried out to find the impact potential of various natural and artificially induced variables over the landslide. Though it is impossible to completely avoid such problems, yet a lot of human lives and resources can be saved by suitably employing landslide theories to avoid such landslide prone patches at initial stage of planning.

Hence there is a need to develop a methodology by which terrain can be digitally modeled by using latitude, longitude and corresponding elevation obtained from various remote sensing methods in order to provide input data in order to perform slope stability analysis for various possible slope profiles incorporating trace cut, appropriate modeling of the slope including trace cut and writing a program to perform stability analysis. This trace cut is nothing but the initial cut made on the slope over which the road is laid.

GIS (Geographic Information System) software can be a viable solution to the problem of terrain modeling. It will have an additional advantage because of its extensive usage in the planning of the road network.

In the present work an attempt has been made to develop user-friendly software integrated to the Arc-View GIS and 3 d Analyst module that will provide factor of safety of selected slope profile using bilinear wedge analysis. Provisions have been made to apply tentative trace cut at desired point on the slope profile, select extent of trace cut and extent of the profile to be studied