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Do we need an SDI?
I had the opportunity to hear Ed Parsons at the GI Forum in Salzburg where he spoke on “Beyond maps: Building the annotated world”. Readers may recall that we had put up his interesting piece on “The creative destruction of GIS” in January 2010. In his talk at Salzburg he made a passionate plea for a more inclusive SDI which goes beyond maps and connects people, places and events through the geospatial web. In his view SDIs, SOAs and the like are dinosaurs. The present and future lies in the Cloud where an innumerable number of servers which everyone can access and contribute their geospatial value. He talked about a geospatial ecosystem in which data producers and users live in a harmonious and almost organic relationship. An SDI is an artificial construct that only looks at data organisation and not its use. Use implies not only wider access but also participation. On similar lines Edward Pickle from Open Geo talked about social networks for geospatial data. Number of hits and user votes would decide the reliability of the volunteered information. Both talks brought out two points. First, volunteered information is becoming a very important source of data and second, participatory SDI is the way to go. GSDI has also recognised this as a reality and had a session on volunteered information in GSDI 11 at Rotterdam. We need to take this movement forward. Governments will not listen so what we need is a peoples’ movement like Open Street Maps which was started by a student who could not get maps from the government and decided to do something about it. May be it is time that in a ‘government of the people, for the people and by the people’ the people decide what should be an SDI.

Prof Arup Dasgupta

 Top Stories

Hexagon acquires Intergraph

Hexagon has entered into an agreement to acquire Intergraph Corporation. The acquisition will further strengthen Hexagon's position as a world leading measurement technology Group...

India launches 17th remote sensing satellite

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully launched its Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) rocket that slung into orbit five satellites, including Cartosat-2B, the 17th remote sensing satellite of India...

 Global Headlines


Bahrain launches five new geospatial maps
Dubai hotspots to go cool and green soon
Census takes off in Malaysia


Kairouan equips its buses with GPS system
State gets Agricultural Information Centre
Lagos set to launch digital mapping project


NASA Images reveal local quake activity
App allows public be part of clean-up drive
Massachusetts charts new course for GIS programme
National Library of Jamaica goes digital


Satellite-based fire situation monitoring in Russia
Surge in GPS use for traffic information

Australia & Oceania

New tool to accurately map earthquake risk
New service to help predict local traffic patterns
GIS to combat crime

Education, Training and Events

Stalwarts address ISPRS centenary celebration
GI Forum kicks off in Salzburg

New Products, Updates, Releases

Esri releases ArcGIS for iOS
Cloud-based data management from ERDAS
Leica GR10 - the next generation GNSS reference station receiver

Appointments, Acquisitions and Contracts

RapidEye partners with 3G in Libya and Tunisia
DigitalGlobe selects Internap to deliver geospatial imagery
Pictometry announces CEO Succession


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 Space Odyssey
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Standards in policy: Maximise value of data

Steven Ramage
Executive Director, Marketing and Communications, OGC

 Blog Buster

Whose Map is it? New mapping by artists
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Federal Geospatial Platform
In 2010 and 2011, Federal data managers for geospatial data will move to a portfolio management approach, creating a Geospatial Platform to support Geospatial One-Stop, place-based initiatives...


Science & Tech for Homeland Security 2010
New Delhi, India
29 - 30 July 2010

Intergraph’s International Users’ Conference
Las Vegas, NV, USA
30 August - 2 September 2010

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